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We are a full-service Android app development and design company operating from our global offices in London, UK and Mumbai, India. We specialize in building custom android apps for our clients from the ground up.

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Since android app development in the UK requires expertise, our company, well-equipped with experienced android developers is focused on delivering the best android app development services and support. No matter what business you are running, if you want to develop a mobile app for it then consider working with Frugal Innovation. We are a top London-based mobile application development company that offers customized android app development solutions catering specifically to the client’s business needs. Our professional team of android app developers strives for providing proficiency and technical quality in the final product.

It has been reported that play sore, the most popular mobile platform all over the entire world, constitutes around 1.6 million apps. Its user base is on the rise. Thinking about its potential for your business, you can easily reach out to these millions of users just with your high-quality android app. Therefore, developing an android app is an ideal opportunity for expanding your business.

Largest OS in the market

Android os is dominating the mobile market and currently has the largest mobile market share. Thanks to the ease of owning an android phone, today android apps have reached remote users as well as local users. We translate your ideas into solutions for these users providing an unmatched experience of the app and ensuring it has captured the user’s delightWe are a top-notch android application development company in London


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Native, hybrid, cross-platform apps

As a trusted android app development company operating from our global offices in London, UK and Mumbai, India, and with our skilled army of professionals, we specialize in creating custom-built android apps thus helping in transforming your business and taking it to the next level. Depending on the requirement, we convert your ideas into innovative native, hybrid, or cross-platform apps keeping you ahead of the curve.


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Leveraging Android functionalities

An android app development becomes really crucial and pertinent thanks to the multitude of functionalities it offers. Having experience of both enterprise-level and customer-level development along with the desire to re-create success every time, we provide robust, scalable and distinct apps for your businesses. Frugalnova is a trusted name in Android application development company in London, Uk


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Android is undoubtedly the fastest growing os in the mobile market. With a series of android versions released and multiple size phones in the market, all your app needs are to be up-to-date with the latest trends and releases. Our dedicated Android app development team operating from our offices in London, UK and Mumbai, India does the complete research for you to ensure your business grows as rapidly as the os itself!


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Frugal Innovation, the best android app development company in the UK, is working for years to help clients create the right kind of android application to increase their business profits. We can pride ourselves on developing hundreds of android mobile applications featuring both simple and complex functionalities. Our team first tries to understand your business’s goals and what kind of projects you are dealing with and then flexibly adapts to your budget.

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If thinking of developing an android mobile application but are not aware of what to do, just contact us. Frugal Innovation, an affordable android app development company in London is always happy to help its clients. It is with our determination and passion for technology that Frugal Innovation has emerged as the leading mobile development company in London. 


What makes us different from the other companies in the mobile application development industry is that we approach each project as an opportunity to deliver high-quality solutions by using modern cutting-edge technologies. Consider exploring our android mobile development services that can help your business create and also growing your digital presence.

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